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Industry hands on session on VMware Virtualization

Need a real Industry hands on session on VMware Virtualization ?
Welcome to Corona Institute of technology . Rather than a slide show based session on Virtualization , We make sure that you will get the real hands on session on Production servers and session taken by Industry experts with years on hands on experience in IT infrastructure industry .

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Ask VMware Technical Questions

VMware Questions Web site is an effort to answer technology questions related to VMware Data centre virtualization and not limited to a bunch of VMware Interview Questions .  You can be part of the  effort by asking your questions here and giving answers to questions you are aware about .  We are aware that there are bunch of Facebook communities that answers these kind of questions . But aggregating these questions on a regular website make it more accessible to future professionals in Data center virtualization .
SO be part of this effort and star posting your questions and start answering the questions too

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VMware vSphere Free Training

This blog post serve the role of aggregating various tech videos available from the you tube channel of VMware  and presented in such a way that an IT professional trying to learn more about virtualization will get an step by step knowledge of concepts and implementation skills on VMware vSphere 5 and 6 . 

The first post is made as on 6th November 2015 starting from basic ESXi installation  and reach up to FT feature of  vSphere . Please give your inputs in comment box so that more and more topics , vidoes and links can be added to make it more useful for IT professionals .  

Introduction : 

One of the key difference between the certification pattern offered by VMware  compared to other international certification is that VMware insist on attending their official training session named Install , Configure , manage ( ICM ) so that your certification transcript become visible on their web site .  Everyone in the industry is aware that the reasons behind this policy is mainly do with the business than technology , VMware insist that it is their way to maintain a strict quality of training offered by their certified instructors.  But strange enough  most of that classes including the slides used on the official camp is available on VMware YouTube channel itself and the sessions are taken by senior VMware Certified instructors .

One of the major issue faced by any novice  to virtualization industry attending the  ICM is that the lab sessions are not demonstrated by the instructor. After the slides are explained by the instructor , he /she will just ask the participant to  to the lab mentioned on the pdf file . Since the students are new to the concept of virtualization they will find it really hard to digest the concept of the process and  will blindly follow what all stuff written on the lab manual .
But at the same time , the on-line videos from VMware clearly explains the process as well us do the demonstration of the lab sessions . The only shortcoming is that the videos given on the channel will be on basics of the previous versions of the ICM class.  But if the student is ready to the learn the what's new concepts after learning the contents of the video , it is not going to be a big issue .

Please bear in  mind that this blog post is not an alternative to attend VMware ICM workshop for your specific certification path . The session videos from VMware Web site covers vSphere 5.1 Lab

But going through this videos from Vmware itself before attending your workshop will give you more clear-cut idea about the process . Make sure that you also has enough hands on exposure to Virtualisation environment before you attend an ICM session . Also remember that storage management concepts and setting up your storage are not part of  ICM .If you need a physical hands on lab session which cover all the aspects of virtualization and storage concepts , Attend a hands on Lab session from Corona Institute . The details of the same can be found on www.vmwaretraining.in   

Let us Start with the very basic concepts of Virtualization with this video from VMware Itself

Once you learn the basics , Let us start with the installation process of the ESXi host on a production server . Please not that on offcial camps , this process is done only at the end of the training session which is really confusing . Even on this video tutorial , the aspects of physical preparation of your  production server, RAID configuration , IPMI and  ILO configuration are  not covered . If you need a hands on session on the same , attend a fast track session of hands on session at www.vmwaretraining.in 

Here is the video session on How to install and Configure the ESXi hosts.

Now After you learn how to configure the ESXi host , learn how to mange the ESXI host using the Direct Console User Interface , or DCUI

and Also check this video , It is a great introduction to the ESXi as a whole

 Once you learn the art of ESXi installation , it it time to manage the infrastructure  .   to manage an ESXi host directly , you need a software called vSpere Client . It is a dot net framework based windows software which is used to manage ESXI host individually or to manage multiple ESXi host through a concept called vCenter which we are going to discuss .

Download and install vSphere client to your Windows 7 machine and through the vsphere client you can manage the Single ESXi host . If you do not have the correct version of vsphere client with you , you can download it from here  https://www.vmware.com/go/download-vsphere

Your infrastructure will have Multiple ESXi hosts in place and managing each and every host individually is not an easy task and you will not get all the advantages your virtual infra offering to you by directly connecting to each and every ESXi host .

SO you need to have a centralized management of your vSphere which is done by the use of  a service called vCenter Server . Let us learn the concepts of vCenter through this video .

In this video, we'll be looking at installing the VMware vCenter Server. The vCenter Server is a management platform that allows the centralized management of all ESXi hosts and the virtual machines that run on those ESXi hosts.

Advertisement : 

If you need a real Industry hands on session on VMware Virtualization , Welcome to Corona Institute of technology . Rather than a slide show based session on Virtualization , We make sure that you will get the real hands on session on Production servers and session taken by Industry experts with years on hands on experience in IT infrastructure industry .
Click on the image below to know more about our hands on session in India . We also conduct corporate Training sessions for IT companies 

As you have observed , this video covers concepts related to  vSphere 5.1 . Why we discussed it here is because 5.1 is the first product which introdued the concept of SSO to vcenter . Next video will give you an overview of the the same process and best practices with vSphere 5.5

 . Be aware that at this point we installed and configured a physcial vCenter Machine . There is another way of configuring your vCenter as a Virtual Machine. But I personally believe that unless you are fully aware about the physical vCenter configuration , you will get the full concept of the Virtual vCenter . remember , your real goal of mastering all these concepts is not just to pass any certifications , but to learn the concepts so that you can apply it to the real field . So get   Qualified First , Then Get Certified ®

Once you installed and configured the vCenter Server , it is time to log in to the infrastructure and create your first virtual machine

The video you just watched discuss the process based on the vSphere Client method of login. Starting with the vsphere 5 , vmware introduced the web client concept where you can use your browser to point to the vcenter and use it as the web client to manage almost all the operations . VMware now expects that you perfrom all of your advanced functionalities with  the web client itself .

So let us get ourself familiarise with Web client through this video . We assume that the web client server component is installed on the same machine running VMware Vcenter  Server

and This video will also help to know more about the Web client .Some people has some strong objection against using the web client . they say it is slow and unresponsive . But VMware fixed most of the issues associated with the web client on newer releases . You like it or not , you have to use the web client if you want to perform advanced operations in vSphere . so let us have a more detailed look in to the web client though the following videos

This Video explains the new navigation features of the vSphere Web Client.

This video  walks you through the process of creating a virtual machine from scratch using the vSphere Web Client. Do not worry about advanced terminologies used on this video , we will learn it eventually 

Interact with virtual machines directly in the browser by using the vSphere Web Client HTML5 console. In supported browsers, the HTML5 console does not require the installation of additional software.

This video discusses privileges, roles, and permissions, and demonstrates how to create a virtual machine administrator role in the vSphere Web Client

Ok , Once you know the basic concepts of  Virtual machine creartion , Now look in to the underliying concepts of storage and Networking . Let us start with Virtual Networking concepts . These discussions hold good of all generations of vsphere

VMware vSphere provides a couple of different options for virtual switch technology. We have standard virtual switches, and distributed virtual switches. In this video, we're going to be looking at the standard virtual switch.

Now let us discuss VMware vSphere Distributed Switch concepts in the following video

Your ESXi host can make use of storage of a variety of types. It can access directly attached storage, for instance, local SCSI storage. It can access fiber channel storage, fiber channel over Ethernet, iSCSI and NFS. In this video, we will learn how to use VMFS Datastores.

Now let us discuss the difference between thick and thin provisioned Virtual Disks

Now let us learn to Use Templates and Cloning.Templates and cloning are techniques that we can use to rapidly provision a virtual machine over and over and over again. We are basically taking a virtual machine, making a photocopy of that virtual machine, with the option to be able to customize it to give it uniqueness, so we don't have duplicate IPs or duplicate names, or in the case of some Windows guest operating systems, potentially duplicate SIDs.

Now Let us Discuss the concepts of Clusters . There are diffrent aspects of the cluster including the feature like HA , DRS and FT . let us start with HA cluster

As you learned HA will create a downtime in your envirnment and it is ok if you are having a host failure and your aim is to bring back the machine as early as possible without human intervention . But for planned downtimes and load balancing aspects , we can use the vMotion process .

In this video, we're going to investigate how to migrate virtual machines using vMotion migration. vMotion migration allows you to move a virtual machine that's powered on from one host to another.

In the next  video, we'll be exploring how to use Storage DRS. A datastore cluster is a collection of datastores that are grouped together. Typically, the reason why you'd create a datastore cluster is in order to enable storage DRS on that cluster.

If you are having a mission critical environment , you may need to implement FT on your environment . Learn more about FT here

Have one more video on the same subject

As we stated initially , this is an effort to aggregate various videos on the v Sphere and present it in such a way that it will be useful for anyone who wish to move to virtualization career

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Testimonials from Professionals

the best thing about all the effort on intensive sessions of vmware virtualization lab is the testimonials given by professionals who attended the session . I am trying to archive some of the testimonials here which inspired me to dive deep in to technology and impart the stuff to more and more people . so here I am after all these years , still getting nervous on the first moments of my new training sessions


VMware Virtualization പരിശീലനം തുടങ്ങിയിട്ട് അഞ്ചു വർഷം തികയുന്നു ഈ മെയ്‌ മാസത്തിൽ . 2009 മുതൽ ഏകദേശം ഒരു വർഷത്തോ...

Posted by Shyamlal T Pushpan on Saturday, May 16, 2015

Being Shyamlal Sir's last VMware session attendee, I wanted to share my experience here. Initially I thought a 9 hour...
Posted by Bijou Monci on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shyamlal - You are one of the best instructors I have ever come across. Glad I decided to take the #VMWaretraining from you.

Posted by Manoj Chandran Ramamangalam on Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WHY I will Never go for another VCI-ICW

This blog post is going to be a detailed story about my personal experience on the  VCI-ICW workshop which took place from 18-22nd of August 2014 in VMware office at Singapore . and explains           "" WHY I will Never go for  another VCI-ICW workshop ""  and it is for those  who looking for How to become  a VCI 

I am not a native english speaker and using this language for my tech classes . So  bear with me on all grammatical errors that comes naturally for this kind of a post     

 Post part one 

If you are in to VMware technology in general and wish to be a VCI in particular , it may be helpful to you if you come across this post before you bet your money on this $2250 workshop to become a VMware certified Instructor .

If you are the type who wish to hear the story in one line , I attended the VCI-ICW workshop and I failed . No surprise , I have heard the stories of so many current VCI's explaining their previous experience of failing once and then re attending the camp to try their luck again . And to me all those stories really emphasized the fact that VMware is really keen on maintaining the quality of their official training program and VCI's are the key factor on imparting quality technology to would-be virtualization professionals . .....until I come across it and come to know the insider story .

It is not a hate post by a person who failed on a test to tarnish an organization or some persons involved in it . But it is about the injustice done to me as a technologist , a trainer and even as a normal human being by a group of individuals  working in a company called VMware .

I am planning to complete this blog post by taking enough breaks in between and posting all the proofs , documents , email transactions , voice transcripts , video recordings and everything relevant to prove my points . I am not talking the whole stuff to any court of justice simply because I strongly believe that in todays connected world , the social media is the biggest influential factor and the common man using the media is the judge .

Since it is the narration of the facts , it surly involves real locations , dates and real names . It is not an anonymous post and my profile is here for every one to view . And I  will make sure that the profiles of every one involved in this story will also be highlighted through this blog post .

So this is going to be a real insider story of what is happening on a typical VCI workshop and how ill organized the VMware is when it comes to the case of their most important technical status called VCI

This is for the first day of my post , It is late night  here in my part of the world . I will come up with the story of    "" WHY I will Never go for  another VCI-ICW workshop ""   on next few days  

Please share your thoughts , comments and suggestions on this particular post. and bookmark this blog for updates because there is every chance that I may be banned from the groups on which I post this as many of the persons around me know what really happened and who are guilty on the case .

Let me download all by e certificates and transcripts of  all my vmware mylearn accounts till date .By the unprofessional treatment I got from VMware on this specific issue ,  I am not sure about accessing  my account on mylearn.vmware.com  after I finish my post .

Day two : Post part two

  As expected , this post like got disappeared from most of the vmware community facebook pages . No surprise :-) , most of the page admins are vmware employees and everyone care about their daily bread ,  is it ...  But friends , It gives me a clear idea that you know what I am going to write and you are concerned .  I am admin of several pages too and If I am going to delete some posts I will give a warning to the poster so that he/she will know what his mistake is ....  Since I did not got any such messages , I think it is just accidental and re posting it   

Ok , so let me continue from where I have left ,

VMware VCI , how to become a VCI 

let me introduce myself and my credentials.  I had been a Trainer for the last 14 years and am running an Institute for Technology Training at my home land on IT Infrastructure management. Moreover I was taking hands –on-Training for VMWare for the past 4 years and most of the Trainees are attended your ICM and passed VCP . Please find my profile at www.shyamlal.com .

I was trying to become an official vmware instructor ( VCI) for the past three years and contacted different VATC’s.As you are aware , the official sponsorship from  a VATC is mandatory for attending the session.
After about a year of continuous e-mail transactions I got a Singapore based company which is conducting training in different countries as my sponsor.  I applied  for VCI workshop to Singapore office and got approval for attending the session from aug 18-22 on Singapore. I cancelled all my training assignments and preparing for it for almost 18 hours per day for the past one month with slides send by vmware to me for taking the training sessions.

The fact that I was a Trainer in VMWare among others like Microsoft, Cisco,CompTIA and the like was intimated to your Singapore Office and they had selected me to appear for the ICW after collecting the Fees from me and advised me to attend the Workshop to be conducted from 18th to 22nd of August 2014 at Singapore and sent me the  slides for the camp.

I had therefore appeared for the Workshop in time on the specified date and the two evaluators had started the exercise. The Workshop was also attended by another four candidates, one each from Myanmar, Singapore, Koria and Malaysia.

the person from Korea does not know any words in English and even when he was  asked to take a session in Korean language , he could not show  any training skills rather than reading through the slides . Strangely the evaluators do not know the Korean Language and they taken it for granted .

Another  person proved that he is not even aware that SSO is mandatory for a vCenter environment and almost was the case with one more  person.   I had high regards for the vmware instructor session and expected that these persons will surely be expelled from the event as they are not fit for a trainer post.

On their first review meeting with me on the 3rd day the Training Evaluators had expressed high regards for my presentation skills and knowledge of the Technology. Things went smooth for me till 4th day afternoon and all of a sudden things took a different turn. They started harassing me with questions that are not even expected for a VCAP-DCD level of exam and told me that day evening that I am not fit for their level of expectation and need to take one more extra session on fifth day and the subject was vmotion. I did well on that too even if they tried to stop me on each and every slide with irrelevant questions. It was just another form of a Ragging rather than an evaluation. I was not allowed to answer their questions and started asking other questions continuously before answering the previous question as in a Rapid Firing Manner.

Then I begin to suspect that something fishy is going on and got so many questions regarding my training sessions on vmware products. Then I suspected that my previous background of conducting vmware sessions was the sudden reason for such a change and that some Conspiracy was going on against my candidature for VCI.

The evaluators told me on the last day that I was not selected since I am not fit for their level of skills and declared me as Failed, which result I had been smelling from the 4th day afternoon on suspecting  a Conspiracy against me, which was revealed from their question regarding the sessions that I am conducting at my homeland. It was asked in a sarcastic tone and their body language made it clear that I had committed a sin. In fact I am aware that after becoming a VCI I am not permitted to conduct unofficial sessions and if such things happen I will lose my VCI status. It is against all common sense that taking a session before becoming a VCI is a disqualification and I presume that the evaluators had not mentioned as this a reason for denying VCI status for me and described my session as not up to their level of expectations.

 Before visiting Singapore for the Workshop I had conducted several session to  Corporate Customers at their premises and at our organizations training labs  and facilities and imparted VCAP level skills and  the funny matter is that the evaluators found that I had no skills to impart VCP level  sessions which is expected from a VCI.
The factor of subjectivity of the evaluators was not checked at any point and they are allowed by the Company to act at liberty to award VCI status at their whims and fancies which situation is telling upon the credibility of the Company and its Education Division.

I thought such type of unfair practices happens only back in our homeland. The real shock comes next , the guys who did not perform even the basic level skills of the web client  got  certified including the Korean who  could not  even speak English and none of the evaluators know Korean language. How about me conducting the session in my language named Malayalam and instructors  let me permit that ?

Then I came to know that the two of the persons who passed was from the same company from which one of the camp instructors  comes from.

Even if I was passed the exam, I would have lost my faith in vmware  since these guys were also passed.

The feedback of the camp was forcibly taken on 9.15 AM on last day.  After I submitted the feedback , I have seen the report of the same reached the  laptop of the evaluators which they are reading through before they are going to have a final discussion with me . It is really shocking!! , if the confidential feedback I have given about the camp and instructors are send to the instructor itself , I really doubt the ill managed procedure prevailing in your organization . I think the same case applies to all the ICM boot camps also .  . Can any Company disclose the Confidential Information on its employees make public and especially to the concerned person without any loss of time such remarks have been furnished on the evaluator.

This is the initial picture of the sscenariowhich I wish to convey to you . Hope you got a basic idea about what happened . But there is more to the story that's why it took me two months to come up with this blog post after the incident happened .

I was aware that an injustice happened to me , but I have faith in the organizational structure of Vmware and strongly believed that I will get justice from their higher authorities and what happened to me is just a single incident which is not reflecting the whole process of VMware VCI selection process.

But what followed next was really shocking than the whole camp experience itself .and by the last two months I come to face so much information about how ill organized the entire process are taking place in such a billions of dollar worth organization  . I will come up with more on that on next update .  

In meantime , watch a glimpse of the performance of one of the person selected as a VCI and may be conducting training sessions for vmware . He does not know more than two or three words in English  and none of the instructors know a single word in Korian language . it is  such a miracle that they can evaluate him and declared him as the winner .  

for your information , I was gone through a one hour pre- VCI camp telephonic interview so  that I have to prove  that I am ready for attending the camp . I just wondered who conducted the telephonic interview for this person and then our instructor Mr. Asif Rafeek come up with the answer that he conducted the telephonic interview . Now just wondering which language they talked to each other for that telephonic conversation .

Now sensing that the US $ is pronounced similarly in almost all lanuages and people can easily recognize that 

So  Let me continue with my points,

After the camp is over and I know that there is a clear case of conspirecy is going on against me ,  I tried to collect more information about the behind the door activities .

It was pretty sure that the sudden change in attitude of  the evaluators towards me is because of some external pressure . I probed the matter a little further with my IT friends in bangalore , India and I got a clear idea of what happened . One of the VCI from india   made pressure to the higher authorities of education division in India to expel me from this VCI list . The higher authority comply request of a basic trainer and put pressure on  the Singapore office to remove my name from the list of passed persons .  I have met all the eligibility criteria , sponsorship and payed $2250 to attend this 5 day evaluation and none of that were considered and company have given priority to some casual request from someone from India .

I am not making a wild guess on this topic and every insider is aware about this fact .

I know there is no point in seeking justice from the same persons who denied me the basic  justice , so I filed a complaint to The board of Directors , The audit team and the CEO of VMware .

I thought such a multinational with high regards for ethics in  their business guidelines will treat this matter fairly .

As expected , the team responded and a committee was formed to inquire into the allegation .

I  got an assurance  that VMware is really taking this stuff seriously and wish to have a detailed discussion with me on this stuff
here is the screen shot of the email .


Then a gentleman from India named Srinivas  dialled me on behalf of VMware US division and had a 3 hour phone conversation with me to extract the facts . He does not have any counter arguments and assured me that he will get back to  me after contacting the US offcials . Quite natural. I think his duty is to just enable a conference call between me and the US team .

and after one week , there was one more phone call which lasted for 2 hour . and after that call he said that they need two week to have a detailed probe in to the matter with all the persons involved and will get back to me with in two weeks with a detailed report of the same

So I waited for  two weeks  and still maintained by trust on a public limited company  who is also answerable to their shareholders  , But the mail from the committee was enough to shatter all those images of such a technology company

I will come up with that mail and what happened after that by today evening or Saturday morning, since I have a lot of work for this friday. Thanks for all the responses , direct calls  and also anonymous threatening calls that is confirming that this post is bothering some people inside the company .

I will not bother  you with making this post any longer , I have just  two more page worth of topic to discuss on next day and from next monday , I have to go back to my normal training assignments and regular workloads . , Please check this post on next day from more updates . If you have any specific doubts about any of the stuff I mentioned , I can answer  it on the comment box . 

Part 3 Posted on   27/10/2014 Monday

Thanks for all the inputs in the form of comments , facebook updates and direct calls . Let me finish this post by  this update . 

So we were discussing about Srinivas call  from Bangalore office to get facts from me about the VCI-ICW camp at singapore . On the second call to me about 4 weeks back , I find that his questions are not so friendly as he did on the first day . He want to prove that I done something wrong . It was like a questioning session by a low enforcing agency . But I have enough answers to substantiate my points . After the call he said he will get back to me with in two weeks . But I did not heard from him for three weeks . So  I contacted his US counterpart  Mr Anselmo Guevara and after one week I got an E-Mail from him . 

and this was that email 

Dear Mr. Pushpan,
We refer to your email dated 28 August 2014 to VMware’s Board of Directors, CEO and Audit Committee Chairman. 
Our Ethics and Compliance team has now completed its investigation of your allegations related to your attendance of the Instructor Certification Workshop (“ICW”) in Singapore during the period 18-22 August 2014, and the outcome of our investigation does not substantiate that there has been any violation of VMware’s Business Conduct Guidelines by our employees or partner employees (the second ICW lead instructor).  Accordingly, we consider this matter closed.
Please be assured that VMware remains dedicated to the highest standard of compliance and ethical behavior in the way that we do business with our customers, partners and Education Program participants.
Anselmo Guevara
Ethics & Compliance Office

So that's it . My 5 page complaint with so much allegations , 5 hour of conversation to this committee and finally they send me a 5 line email that their investigation  does not substantiate that there has been any violation of VMware’s Business Conduct Guidelines by our employees or partner employees   

I  Did not asked them to inquire about the  business conduct guidelines violations , but asked to investigate about   the injustice that happened . No explanation about the points I have raised , No answers given , and they are considering the case as CLOSED.  and this email is send to me by their Ethics office . what kind of an ethics is this ? 

If they just want to protect their team members by simply saying that they did not find anything un ethical and just closing the case , why did they spend this much time in investigating the case . 

I send a direct mail  again to the CEO , Board of Directors and Audit committee letting know my response to this email , and I did not heard from them till date . 

Let  me finish this post with an open reply to the CEO and board of directors of VMware 

I wish to let you know that for me this matter is not closed yet ,and will not be closed until I get justice .  I thought I will get just justice from a company where a technologist is a CEO rather than a business man ( and I am still hopeful for that  Mr Gelsinger ) . I am not going to type in all those points again since you have my first mail with you .  But let me point out just one or two  
1. Regarding the Korean person in the camp , Who conducted the initial pre -ICW telephonic interview with him and on which language he asked questions ?
    even on the ICW camp how the trainers accessed his skill set ?  and how he was declared selected ? Can I conduct a session on my native language and will these instructors let me pass the camp ?

I am making an allegation that it is clear case of bribery than just an accidental decision 

 2. How the other two persons who skipped the very basic concepts of virtualization like SSO and resource allocation passed the camp ? 

I am making an allegation that it is a case of unjustifiable and partisan attitude in  favour towards them since they are team mates and friends  of one of the instructor 

3. how the evaluators who give me great feed back until Thursday afternoon suddenly found out  that I am not fit for it ?   

I am making an allegation that it is a clear case of conspiracy from persons in  Indian divison of vmware.

You did not addressed any of this matters in your last mail and simply saying all is fair as per your standard of ethics  ,
         As a normal human being , I don't find it ethical . 

I request the shareholders of this company not to under estimate  the power of social media and the role any professional or even common man can play in it  .

Rather than protecting  one or two of your staff , I expect you to be with your organizations best interests . 

Thanks for all the persons who read it fully and cared to comment and shared it over social media . 

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50 % Discount on all VMware certifications

Unlike the fliplkart offers , this is real !!   . You will get flat 50 % discount on any VMware certification  exams including the advanced level exams which is scheduled between October 27th to December 19 - 2014 .

If you are already a VCP , it is the best time to get the VCP on desktop , cloud and Network Virtualization and huge savings on highy priced VCAP-DCA and DCD exams .

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                  VCP Exams  : VFVCP1450
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Voucher code is applicable to  Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Korea .

Share this news to your friends who wish to get VMware certified . 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Power CLI primer

Just like many of the network professionals out here , I too believe that life is too short to learn all those command prompt tools and stick on to a graphical version of any tool if it is available . But some times the command prompt based tools can be indispensable if you have to do things repeatedly . For creating a single VM per day , I will surely use vsphere client , but for 50 VM per day , I prefer some method by which I can automate the process. That is the role the power CLI is playing in a vSphere environment .
This post is just a basic introduction in to the basic aspects of power CLI. Personally I am preparing this as a reference to me itself so that I will not miss any of the concepts of power CLI for my VCAP-DCA exam .
to begin your experiment with powerCLI , install it to any windows machine on your network . You can download it here 
installation is pretty straightforward . Finish it and open power CLI from all programs --vmware --vmware power CLI . but  wait , if you try to do it , you will be greeted with an error message like this .

Now try to open the same program with administrative privileges , ie right click and select run as administrator , you will find that the same error repeats this time also . But it is now time for us to set the execution policy of the PowerCLI to " remoteSigned " it will allow us to run scripts that have written on the local computer . That is exactly what we need to do . The default mode is restricted and that is why we are getting all those red colored scary messages . so go ahead and type this
set -executionPolicy Remotesigned
next time when you bring the powerCLI up , it will greet you in a much more pleasant manner . Remember that you don't have to run it in administrative mode anymore for normal operations .

Now let us start by connecting to an ESXi host  or a vCenter Server . use the command   connect-Viserver  < ipadress or FQDN >
it will pop up a message asking for the user name and password . There are two option to avoid  it and specify it along with the commands
connect-viserver < ipaddress>  -user root -password P@ssw0rd  or you can use the credential variable  $Credential=Get-Credential and using the value $credential along with the command like  connect-viserver< ipaddress>  -credential $credential 

connect-VIserver -Menu is a nice option to list all your previously connected servers and you can choose one to which you wish to connect .