Monday, 24 March 2014

AutoDeployment -Quick check list for my vCAPStudy

Just dumping some stuff from my VCAP preparation . one of the hard thing for the exam is to remember all those powerCLI options. I am just posting a quick note about Deployment  of stateless ESXi 5.5 Hosts on a vSphere Environment.  I will edit this post and add more topic later
The post may or may not make sense to you depending on how god you are with the concept of Auto deployment . I am just posting it as part of my exam preparation. Hope I can post a detailed article on the same after my exam is done .

Auto Deploy Quick Reference guide

Preparation Check list

1. install Auto Deploy as additional service on machine running v Center and authorize it with with the  v Center service ( use another  windows machine  if you are using a vCenter Appliance )
2. Download and install TFTP server on your domain controller machine ( in case you don't have a DC , any machine will on network will do , you can even configure the vCenter App machine for your DHCP and TFTP needs . But I am a windows guy and prefer my DC for it )
3. Install and configure DHCP server , Create a scope , go to scope options and modify the 66 and 67 option of Boot server Host name and boot file name .
4. Boot file name is undionly.kpxe.vmw-hardwired

Go to vsphere client to access the autodeploy option , download the boot block file as ZIP , unZIP it  and copy it to the root folder of the TFTP server
Create a host profile named My_test_lab_host_profile with all the stuff needed for the host including the storage connactivity .

Using Power CLI to configure Auto Deploy

Login to the vCneter server through PowerCli

 Connect-VIserver -user administrator@vsphere.local -password yourpassword
Load the Software respository

   Add-EsxiSoftwareDepot c:\offlinebundle\update-from-esxi5.5-5.5_update01\index.xml

  Get-EsxiImageprofile  | select name

Note down the name of the image profile

Now create Rules for image profile , Cluster Rule and Host Profile Rule

 new-DeployRule -name rule-imageprofile  -item  ESXi-5.5.0-201403302001-standard -allhosts
 new-deployrule -name rule-cluster -item vCAPStudyLAbCluster  -allhosts
 new-deployrule -name rule-hostprofile -item My_test_lab_host_profile

Now add the new rules to the working rule set

add-Deployrule -deployrule rule-imageprofile
add-Deployrule -deployrule rule-cluster
add-Deployrule -deployrule rule-hostprofile

check it with Get-deployruleset

Now boot your ESXi host from PXE, let it find the TFTP server through DHCP , find the boot block , load the image profile using the image profile rule , Add himself to the cluster using the cluster rule and apply host profile himself using the host profile rule .

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